Tame those eyebrows!

Cara Delvigne Eyebrows

You can’t talk about eyebrows without mentioning Cara Delevingne, the big-browed beauty has taken the world by storm and sparked a revival of big bushy brows worldwide. And apart from ensuring she doesn’t grow a uni-brow, she doesn’t pluck her brows at all.

I never really touch my brows, apart from the bit in the middle. ‘I have to, otherwise I’ll have a uni-brow, but I’ve never plucked or threaded them. To keep them in check, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills tinted Brow Gel.

Inspired by Cara’s perfect brows, I decided to get my own brows tidied up. So I went to the forefront of eyebrow taming in Dublin, Lorna Farrelly The Brow Artist. Scarily enough I found out that a hair follicle only has a finite number of cycles of growth, so if you overpluck, you can end up killing it off. Which leads to permanently bald spots which will never grow back! Thankfully I hadn’t got to that stage…

As I had never gone to a professional to get my eyebrows done before, I was afraid that I would end up with those scary over-the-top HD brows you see so many Z-List celebs sporting… but Lorna is a true expert! I went in for the 3-4 week brows (they also offer 18-24 month brows if your brows need extra TLC)

My brows were threaded, snipped and tweezed into a shape that complimented my face shape, and then a custom made an eyebrow tint was applied to finish it all off (that lasts 3-4 weeks).

I didn’t really have much for Lorna to work with as I had plucked my eyebrows into submission before seeing her, so for my second appointment I have let my eyebrows to grow out for the past 4 week, and the tint has lasted pretty well up until now!

The whole process took about 30 mins and didn’t really hurt except the odd pinch, there was some redness after however!

You can make an appointment with Lorna or her equally talented sister Liz who between them have a decade of experience via their Facebook’s ( Lorna/Liz), twitters (@lornafarrelly/@LizFarrelly1) or email: thebrowartist@gmail.com.

I will do before and after pics after my next appointment to let you see the magic for yourselves!




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